Monday, December 7, 2009


Hey guys..
theres a prayer request
from our beloved Kaylee
she'll be having exams

Tuesday (Dec 8th) - English :2pm
Thursday (Dec 10th) - Nutrition : 9am

Tuesday (Dec 15th) - Calculus : 9am
Wednesday (Dec 16th) - Chemistry : 2pm

so jus pray for her to get Awesome results
so that all the hard work she's put in won't go to waste
and also pray that she won't get sick cus its snowing and its the flu season
anything else you guys wanna add?
oh and me and Joel jus came back from EDGE camp which was awesome
you can like ask us what was it about on facebook
or add our msn
cus most of you are curious huh?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Camp Camp Camp Camp Camp

Those who haven't signed up for camp better sign up for camp..
early bird is ending in like a few days?
i dun really remember..
Its gonna be great..
there's a swimming pool there..
purposely highlight this..
Jamie u must go..
I solemnly promise I will not throw you in...
'fingers crossed' lalala..
the 1st carolling practice has ended..
dun ask me how it went i do not know...
ask the ppl who went for it..
and go for the carolling if they still allow u to sign up..
u get to visit big houses and also get free food..
if u get fat.. thn hmm..
who cares la..
what else is going on..
DBS replacement class...
Sat will be the last round to replace it..
thn its graduation time..
guess thats it for now..
bye bye..
see ya..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dead Blog again..

So i'm here to post to liven up this oh so dead blog..
so Christmas is around the corner..
and Jamie wants the names for those who wanting to go carolling
so far the only ppl who hv signed up are
rebecca, lysandra, rachel and samuel..
so go sign up.
most probaly there is food..
i'm most probaly not going cus..
not that much into carolling..
sry Jamie..
man i feeling a tad too hyper now..
songs they're singing are

Silent Night
Jesus, born on this day
The gift goes on / Feliz Navidad
Christmas Medley (Silent Night & O Holy Night)
We wish you a merry christmas
Jingle bells / Deck the halls
White Christmas
Joy to the world
Jingle bell rock
Hark the herald
What child is this

these few songs la..
u ppl with internet..
go dl the song and learn to sing it lol..
really too hyper dy..
what else is on...
oh yeah

XYZ CAMP !!!!!!!
16-19 December
at Le paris its a 4star hotel
6lane bowling alley, swimming pool and a cafe..
90% chance theres a tv in the room..
so go..
its gonna be a vacation..

thn DUMC dinner.
its on the 31st december
watchnight oso on that day..
so just come for the dinner its free anyway..
free food who wouldnt wanna come?
if u dun wan free food come for the watchnight service..
thn we all ditch Jamie 2geda..
ur gonna kill me aren't u?

i think thats it
ending here..

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hello from Canada!

Hey PCG1!!

hows everyone back home? been attending cgs? =) i miss looking forward to saturdays and seeing ur faces every week! =( miss hanging out with u guys and having fun together. sigh.

uni has been ok so far. ALOT of work though. got lots of reading to do and assignments are starting to due next week! =( in a way its good cuz it keeps my mind off homesickness and time pass faster! then 8months wont be SOOOOOO long after all. hehe. cant wait to be home and seeing u guys again!!

Thank U SOOOOOOO much for the cardboard that u guys did for me! was sitting down and reading through all the notes that u guys and the other ppl wrote to me and it put a big smile on my face and reminded me that im so blessed to be part of this cg! thank u for all the notes u guys wrote to me! it meant ALOT to me! =)

ive been using the bottle u guys gave me too! everytime i use it, it reminds me of all of u. haha. and im praying for u guys when i do my quiet time! i havent use the body soap and butter thing yet though. but ill be using it soon! autumn is coming next month.

IN CASE u guys wanna send me stuff like pictures or letters or ANYTHING, which i will LOVE to receive! =p here's my address and phone number!

address: 253 Mackenzie Hall,
Lister Centre,
University of Alberta,
Edmonton, Alberta
T6G 2H6

phone number: +1780-885-5364

my malaysian number is still active so u can send me sms too! =)

do uphold me in prayer cuz ive gotta do very well this year to be able to apply for whatever course that im gonna take next time. still thinking of what to do so pray that God will reveal something to me k? ill be praying for all of u too!

and remember to not add stress to jamie but help her out k? can't wait to be back in april to see a changed PCG1! =)

love all of u!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kay Lee's Farewell

Kay Lee's long awaited, dreaded day finally arrived. But before letting Canada steal her away from us, we did a little something to show our appreciation to the princess and big sister of our CG.

Obviously stating the impossible :p

Chilling out with Kay Kay one last time.

Writing her last words to everyone

Priceless expression.

Brenda's love note to Kay Kay.

PCG1 misses you already!

Kay Lee, know that even though you're a gazillion miles away, we're still thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers. You will always be a part of PCG1 and we can't wait to have you back!

Do keep us updated with your happenings and pray for us whenever you think of us :)


Friday, August 28, 2009


To those who weren't there, this was what we did today!

BOWLING @ Cosmic Bowl, Mid Valley.

Jo Anne dumping the ball unto the lane.

Jamie striking out!

Joshua & Jo Anne working out the lanes.

Nervous smile.

JT: Justine Tan. Storm: Joshua.

Becky Mooooi.

"This is how you bowl... Step 1: Insert 3 fingers into the holes..."

Powerpuff Girl STRIKES! :)

After ONE game (cos everyone pansy complain their hand pain), we went for lunch @ La Manila Cafe, where I treated the rest to my awesome brownies for dessert.

It tastes better than it looks.

Since we had time to kill, we decided to watch a movie.
It's my 2nd time watching this movie but it still makes me laugh.

Ryan Reynolds is so charming. Sigh ♥

Thank you for coming you guys! I had fun and I hope you did too!
Till the next outing, ciao!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

VOTE for CG Outing!

Since I can't decide on something that will please everyone, I shall be democratic and let you all VOTE for YOUR ideal CG outing.

A: Lunch and movie @ The Curve.
B: Karaoke @ The Curve.
C: BBQ at someone's house. Heh.
D: Steamboat @ Jamie's house (although I don't really know how to do it)
E: Swimming in Tropicana?

Please leave your votes at the chatbox and we'll tally it by the end of tomorrow!

Thank you for your co-operation.

Vote NOW!

ps: I'm open to more suggestions ;)